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  5. "I bought three textbooks."

"I bought three textbooks."


September 6, 2017



I know what a hard job Japanese team does, but don't you think this is a little of difficult when they give you new words in hiragana and the hints are in kanji..?


That's so sad they could fix it




Is it just me or does it read the "satsu" card as if it were a small "tsu" when clicked? The lesson also ends prematurely.


It's a tad hard to do this without having a hint on the counter for papers (satsu)

[deactivated user]

    I tried 「教科書を三本買いました。」 and it wasn't accepted because I've used a different counter. Isn't 「本」 also a counter for books?


    I think 本 is the counter for long objects. It was introduced in the lesson with chopsticks and forks. Books (本) are themselves not counted in 本.

    [deactivated user]

      You're right, I stand corrected. 「本」 means "book" but is not a counter for books, and I got that mixed up.


      Is this wrong?教科書は三冊を買いました。


      Counters act as adverbs and don't take particles
      教科書 is the thing you are buying, so that is what should be marked with を


      Wow, I think this just marked me wrong because I didn't put 三 in kanji...


      It seems like i just cant get it in my head. Where do you put the counter in sentences? Before or after the を?


      After the particle. The particle has to come directly after the noun it describes, and the counter comes after the number. Think of the counter as meaning "of them", so 三冊 means "three of them". The correct order is: noun + particle + number + counter [教科書 + を + 三 + 冊]; the sentence literally being: Textbook (object) three of them (I) bought. It took me a while to get the hang of it.


      Also marked correct: 三冊教科書を買いました Kyōkasho o san-satsu kaimashita

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