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  5. "Ony nejsou malé holky."

"Ony nejsou malé holky."

Translation:They are not little girls.

September 6, 2017



When is it "ony" and when "oni"? Do both mean "they"?


'Oni' = masculine animate; 'ony' = masculine inanimate and feminine


When do i use 'to' (and it's variations) and 'Oni' (and it's variations)?

Ex. 'to nejsou malá zvířata' vs 'ony nejsou malé holky'


It depends whether you were speaking about the subject before. Then you use ona, ona, oni and similar. But in this case you can also use "Je to..." or "Jsou to...". (Ony) Nejsou malé holky. and Nejsou to malé holky. are pretty much equal.

If you see something for the first time, you use "To je...".

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Since holka is feminine I say "malá holka". Why is it malé in the plural form holky? Thanks


The verb used here is "jsou," which is third person plural. Since the noun and verb must match, "malá holka" (singular) has to become "malé holky" (plural).


I wrote small girls why is that wrong.


You must write a complete sentence: "They are not small girls." is accepted.


~But I did, I wrote exactly the same sentence with only difference small instead of little, this is about the english translation of DL, from czech malé holky could as far as I am concerned be translated with both small and little, but DL does not do that.


I say again: It is accepted.

If any of your answers is not accepted and should be, then:
1. check for typos, missing words and other obvious errors
2. use the report button "My answer should have been accepted"

Do not report these answers in the discussion, ask if you really want to ask a real question.


Now I see we actually o have a report from you. It says "The are not small girls" (sic). Please check point 1. in my previous comment.


So a typo i overlooked, excuse me.

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