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  5. Can't wait for more courses!


Can't wait for more courses!

Czech is finally available in beta! Next, Klingon is coming! I'm so excited! What about you? Share your feelings down below. What other languages do you want on Duolingo? Or do you think this is complex or simple? Probably not so simple is what I predict I'll be seeing. (Yay, Korean was added to iOS and Android!)

September 6, 2017



It is very nice, but as far as I know the Korean course will initially be launched in the app versions, just like Japanese, and I probably don't have enough space in my phone to download again the Duolingo's app hahaha

About the languages I would like to see, I hope to learn here someday Galician, Basque, Occitan, Mirandese (the second official language in Portugal, with around 15000 speakers) and Tupi (an indigenous brazilian language, the most important one in the development of the Brazilian Portuguese varieties and the most spoken one before the Portuguese arrived).


Yeah, I'd like to see Basque! That would be a very interesting course! So would plenty of other languages! Like Arabic, as we're missing out on a very interesting language. Or Finnish, as that would frankly be complicated, but fun! I've got so many more suggestions I feel like I just have to make!


Lingot for Tupi.


Same! I can't wait for the Korean course, as my username shows :)


Well, now it's there on mobile!


I know! I'm so excited! But I posted this before it was released.


same! i hope they'll put quechua ! :)


Ah, the language of the Incas! Sounds super compelling! I'd be super interested in that!


Me too. I experienced a bit of Quechua culture and it would be so awesome to be able to learn the language.

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It will be great if/when En/Arabic, En/Farsi, En/Malay, En/Thai and En/Chinese come out. Of course 3 of the 5 trees are available in reverse format, so I am not complaining!

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    I think Duolingo needs Arabic and Mandarin Chinese because these languages have a very high demand and it would only benefit them.

    Korean is coming and it will make many people happy around here. It's a very interesting language and I'm very happy for it. As for Klingon, not my favorite but it's one of the oldest on the incubator and it's time to make it available to all those nerds that want to learn it! (I'm also a nerd)

    I would like many languages to be added and as I was writting them I came to the conclusion that it's a very weird set of languages. Oh well.. Those are: Mirandese, Galician, Slovak, Slovenian, CBSM (Former Serbo-Croatian), Mari (Uralic language spoken in Mari El, Russia), Armenian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Persian (Farsi), Mongolian and Filipino (Tagalog).


    Yeah, Mandarin really needs to be added. So should Arabic! Maybe even Tagalog and Slovak should be there!


    I think the problem with Mandarin would be the writing system which is INSANELY complicated.

    But I completely agree that Arabic should be added!


    More complicated than Japanese? Besides, now we have an official confirmation for what we had already heard from reddit and leaks.


    Afrikaans! More than 6mil native speakers of the language living in Southern Africa and millions of others who understand it as an additional language. It is also is one of the easier (if not the easiest) languages to learn for English speakers. It is even simpler than Dutch (of which it is a daughter language of) and has been influenced by many other languages such as the native Bantu and Khoisan languages, as well as Portugese, German and even Malay.

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      I am simply delighted!


      It is exciting. Keep up the good work, Duolingo.

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