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  5. "Ja, het varken zwemt."

"Ja, het varken zwemt."

Translation:Yes, the pig is swimming.

September 6, 2017



Can this also be 'Yes, the pig swims'?

September 27, 2019


What would "Yes the pig swam" be?

June 30, 2019


Ja, het varken zwomt. The present tense base for zwemmen is zwem, and the past tense base is zwom.


August 2, 2019


Little typo, it is: Ja, het varken zwom.

August 3, 2019


It sounds as if he is putting a glottal t after the e at the end of varken and omitting the n, giving a resultant varket. Am I really hearing this, and is it correct?

September 6, 2017


I'm not hearing the glottal t (I'm a native Dutch speaker, so it's different for me), but as for omitting the n, that's not unusual in spoken Dutch with words ending in en.

September 6, 2017


Thanks. Maybe it's my ear that's the problem. I understand that the N may often disappear. Perhaps the glottal t is a glitch in the audio? I'll watch for similar constructions and hope it does not recur.

September 7, 2017


It is what I said. perhaps not clear enough.

September 7, 2019
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