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Unrealistic number of learners?

Sorry for the incendiary title, but something struck me when I opened the app today. Choose a language: (For English speakers) Spanish, 990 MILLION users. Excuse me for one second. There's only 7ish billion people on the planet. One source I came across said that maybe 1.5 billion of these speak English to some degree. Is duolingo really suggesting that TWO THIRDS of all these people (babies and grandparents too?) have signed up to duolingo and clicked on the Spanish language course for English-speaking users? I don't think so duolingo. How is this being counted? Does anyone know?

September 7, 2017



I'm pretty sure it is a glitch in the counter. The Spanish course only has 100M learners, not 990M.


Lol, yup - pretty sure that's what it said when I last looked too. Unless it got bot-spammed.

As a frame of reference, English has like 370m native speakers and roughly 500m people who speak it as a second language, so even if everybody on the planet who could possibly use English as their primary language on duo signed up and all decided to learn Spanish, you'd really be struggling to get to that 990m lol.

This would be like every Manadrin speaker on the planet choosing to join Duo and learn Spanish for English speakers lol.


It's fixed now. But yes, 990M learners would be stretching it...


I can confirm there are babies that use DuoLingo cause I myself am a 0 year old baby and I do the Spanish from English course


I am a fetus still in the womb, and I am working on French!


"990 million" is indeed odd. Duolingo is only boasting 200-ish million users.


LOL, Noticed it too. must be a glitch,


Wow, you are learning a lot of languages.


Technically, only over 200 million people use Duolingo.


Let's also remember that most people who sign up to Duolingo do just a few exercises and leave it at that. Very, very small percentage of users ever finish a single tree.


The glitch is resolved for me now.


It is defiantly a glitch and the correct number is 99.0 million not 990 million. The Spanish course has just surpassed 100 million learners this week by the way.

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