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Improving Duolingo

Is their any movement within Duolingo to try and make courses have more tangible language use goals, instead of what seems to me like vocab acquisition. This is something I have been bugged with in relation to duolingo—some of the sentences do not seem practical; and I think language use is largely based on practical information. I know I am less motivated to learn when I don't see use in learning certains structures I won't use much. And I also realize their are other resources outside of duolingo—which I utilize heavily—but I am wondering if their is any movement within these courses to make the content more tangible and or aplicable to daily life.

Or their is any move to try to create add ons to current courses.

September 7, 2017

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I've taken a few courses on Duo and don't find the content a problem. So, perhaps it's a matter of what each of us considers practical. But how is Duo to know what everyone wants. So, what I'm trying to say is since you already access other resources with practical sentences try using Duo for basic vocab and grammar.

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