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Korean is out on Android and iOS right now!

Thought for sure we'd have a few more days, and boom! Here it is! :D

You folks with iOS might want to check and see if you have it too.

EDIT: It's on iOS too, nice! Adding to title.

September 7, 2017



It's on iOS as well! It's so cool!


The course is so cool! Czech yesterday, Korean today...two great courses!


Thank-you for the post, just finished the first four lessons in Alphabet 1


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that if/when Chinese (presumably Mandarin) is ever released, it will come out on mobile app before web.


If they are going to do it this way I just hope they make it clear which devices they will come out for at the beginning. With Korean and Japanese after months and years of waiting they told us at the last minute they were only for certain devices, kind of disappointing.


It's not on mine. I still need the Testflight app to be able to work on it


I don't have it yet either.

Edit: without an update it suddenly is present...


Without needing an update my app took several hours until the Korean course appeared.


I understand what you're talking about, I'm expressing my shock.


I see. In writing it's hard to guess the conotation of a one word sentence^^


True. ^^ By the way, my iPad needed an update to get Korean.


Weird. But since I have the course now, I have no reason to complain^^


Really? Well that's disappointing. :/

Do you have automatic updates on in the iTunes store?


Yes, but there's NO UPDATE


On Android, I downloaded the app when I saw this discussion (I had deleted the app a couple of weeks ago). When I opened the app, Korean still wasn't in the list.

Five minutes later, after checking the list thoroughly, I started typing a comment on my computer to say it wasn't on my app. Then, just as I was about to click the "post" button, I looked down at my phone again and saw Korean had randomly appeared in the list!

I didn't even think this would be possible, as Japanese required users to download a new update from the play store to get it. I thought Korean would be the same, but it just popped up randomly on its own—even though I had the list open the whole time on my screen while I was typing on my PC. ^^


I haven't updated the app and the Korean course has appeared on my list on its own


Bah. Very odd.


No thanks. I tried it on a different account for about 15 minutes, but I think I'm going to delete the app again and stick with web. For one thing, I'm enjoying getting used to the hangeul keyboard layout on web. But it's more that the character challenge and tile ordering questions bore me silly. The Korean tree is very nice. They've done a great job. ^^


I can't believe it's out! I've been waiting so patiently for this! Thank you so much to the Korean team for working so hard on this course!

Also, as there isn't a Korean forum as of yet, I thought I might ask a question here instead of starting a new thread in an irrelevant topic: how do you differentiate between ㅔ and ㅐ?

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for the notice omg !


    Yeah I can't believe it! Went for a walk, came back, sat down and decided to poke around at the list of languages and...had Korean staring at me. O_O

    [deactivated user]

      Just learned my first letters <3


      I am Ecstatic!! ^_^

      At first, I couldn't find it in the languages list, so I checked the app store for an update, there was one from Sep. 5th so I updated it, checked again, And there was the Korean course!



      so awesome i've wanted to learn Korean since the 90s this just literally rocked my world !!!!


      When will it come to the site?


      Absolutely no idea.

      If you don't have a phone and don't want to wait, you could try an Android emulator: http://www.androidauthority.com/best-android-emulators-for-pc-655308/


      Am I crazy or does the course not seem relatively short compared to the other ones? German from French is insanely long and this one looks like half the length of that by the looks of it. The Japanese course seems to be the same way. Just always having heard how hard these two languages are, I'm curious to find out why this would be so much shorter. It seems like these won't provide nearly the base for these two languages as it does with others. Can anyone comment on this who has finished a different course and also this one?

      I'm certainly not trying to sound like I'm complaining because it's awesome that this course is available now. I'm just curious if anyone has noticed a big difference in overall effectiveness.

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