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When can i start speaking fluently

ive been wondering if this program well help u speak fluently and at what point in the program will you. Im learning spanish n im level two?

March 11, 2013



I think olimo gives a good answer here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/239390

Duolingo is good for building vocabulary, but you will probably need to look for other ways to practice your speaking ability.


Becoming fully fluent in a language is not something that happens overnight. We are always working on making Duolingo as effective as possible, so that you can get there. Be skeptical when others claim you'll be fluent after 10 hours of using a product- these claims aren't true. We have a scientific study that shows that 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to one semester of college. Take a look here: http://duolingo.com/#/effectiveness-study


Start speaking with hispanohablantes as soon as possible. The sooner you try to start speaking fluently (as much as you can) the sooner you will be able to.


Duo alone won't do it. You need more face-to-face communication. And comparison to college classes is a weak argument, IMO, since the test (I was in the study) has no audio portion, and I know people that have 4-5 semesters of college Spanish and are far from 'fluent.'


You can start speaking fluently as soon as you want to speak fluently.

First, how do you define fluent? What are your goals? Obviously many of us don't want or need to talk about los animales. Do you want to be able to talk about sports, fashion or politics?

You don't need to spend money to live in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain or Argentina. What you can do is immerse yourself with Spanish. If you have an MP3 player, does it contain Spanish music? Do you watch DVD's dubbed en español and Spanish subtitles? Are you using free language exchange programs online to talk in your target language? Are you watching free children's videos of stories, cartoons in Spanish? BTW, there's a video of a kid reading Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar on YouTube. Do you watch telenovelas online or television?

As long as you can say Hola! and/or Adios! you're on your way towards fluency. On a personal note, I can sing a Marc Anthony song, the classic Pedro Navaja, and some other songs. I'm not going to sell out Madison Square Garden any time soon. I know I sound ridiculous pero no me importe. People appreciate the effort even if they're laughing. (Personal note, my 2 year old son doesn't think I sound ridiculous, we both practice Spanish phrases from HBO's El Gato y El Perro. ¡Vamos a jugar!)

Check out this guy Benny Lewis TEDx presentation 'Speak from Day 1' http://speakfromday1.com/tedx/

Note, I am not hawking or selling Benny's product. His 'Speak from Day 1' message is just another iteration of Nike's Just Do It. That's what kids do, they make many mistakes & sound ridiculous but they continue to imitate their parents, family, friends, television, etc.


¡Cuando vayas a México, weyyyy! :p

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