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90 Day Challenge Final Update 2017

Hello everybody!

Sorry I am a bit late on the update, but life has been so hectic with the transition into school! My 90 days ended about a week before yours, so I don't have anything new to add about Duolingo specifically. I did look back on the challenge and I feel like I learned a decent amount for only using Duolingo! I am very happy with this and want to continue learning Polish. If anyone knows of any great resources, please recommend them to me, especially anything that explains grammar thoroughly.

Post your updates below! Do a little reflecting as well: How much do you feel that you learned? Are you generally happy with your progress? What was your progress this week? Would you want to do another 90 day challenge (I know I've asked that before, but I wanted to ask again in case someone missed it)?

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your weekly updates were both very motivating and encouraging, and I enjoyed getting to know you!

September 7, 2017



Please let me know when you are doing another 90 day challenge. I would very much like to join. I'm assuming it doesn't matter which lang we choose, is that right?


Yes, you are correct! You can learn any language you'd like. Sorry for the late response, I was having issues with getting onto the discussion section of Duolingo =(


About interesting Polish resources: https://realpolish.pl/tag/polish-listening/ https://youtu.be/0FJG9gshSzk?list=PLA5UIoabheFN7GIhcfUGQT2S5_U5sWnhK

Last week I finally learn Hungarian words for family members. As I wrote a week ago I would like to finish Hungarian tree before the end of a year. And now I want to focus more on my Russian tree (which is done but not golden). And also on other Hungarian resourses.

Of course would like to join next 90 Day Challenge :)


Thank you so so so much for the resources! You'll definitely know when the next challenge is (: I'm really sorry for the late response. I couldn't get into the discussion section of Duolingo for a while because Korean (which I have been studying) isn't supported on the web yet, so it wouldn't let me do anything. I had to switch languages to be able to get onto the forum


I've only read the Spanish one, but there is a book called "Polish Tutor" which is a great way to continue after Duolingo. It teaches grammar and vocabulary throughout and provides lots of exercises for practice.

The "Complete Teach yourself" and "Colloquial" series, along with "a comprehensive grammar" are usually great too. Sadly they are not free. You could always reverse tree (e.g. do the English from Polish course) and use memrise to increase your vocab. :)


Thank you so much for the tips! I will check them out for sure! I want to make sure that I didn't lose what I learned


I would love to join the next 90-day challenge! Congratulations on your accomplishment!


Thank you!! I will let you know when it's happening!


BTW: I tested the first skill of Czech beta course.....and I fear to count that many available tree skills ;)

I would be somehow interested to learn this language in the long-term (I had a colleague from Prag when I was in Munich a longer time ago).

Motivation: At my wakeboarding spot only 100km away from Nuremberg many Czech people cross the border and give this top spot a visit in my country.....so there would be lot's of people I could practice Czech the next years with.

But somehow I have the guilty feeling that I really should first push through my EN-PT (75% completed) tree, finish it......

.....and maybe even further improve my active Portuguese (writing/recalling) with the reverse tree courses (started but put PT-EN/PT-DE on hold), DuoLingo PT labs / stories, Mondly and Memrise first, before starting any other language which would just take away reserved / available time from me.
Somehow it is quite difficult to resist the "New Czech course is out - great course and notes - we have already started" hype and take part on the course as one of the first learners, isn't it? :-) :-)


Hey, sorry for the late reply! I was having issues getting onto the discussion part of the Duolingo website. My next language is going to be one that I have already studied outside of Duolingo: Korean! I do plan on studying more Polish though because I really would like to be able to speak it well (specifically conversationally). I have mostly retained the words and phrases that I use the most often, and I can still form sentences. However, I have forgotten a lot of vocabulary, especially lessons that I went through quickly (mostly the skills near the bottom of the tree). I did complete the tree in 90 days, but it's not the best method if you plan on retaining what you learned, unless you study for a long time each day. I did not put much more than an hour of study into each day.

That's great that you want to improve your Portuguese. I personally love the stories feature in Duolingo and I hope that it becomes official. I'd love to see it offered in other languages in the future. It's so hard to resist starting a new language, especially if it's one that you have been wanting to study for a while. All I can tell you is that it's up to you on what you want to do! There are ways to study two languages at once, but I prefer to get to a certain level in one before starting another one. I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever choice you make (:


I have stopped my Greek learning in order to try out the Czech course. It has been great so far, and my Polish knowledge facilitates my learning of Czech all the more.

I will probably try out a bit of the Korean course too in the coming days. So right now, I am dabbling a bit. I hope to get back to the Greek Tree earnestly soon!


I hear Czech and Polish are similar! Has that been your experience so far? I've been going through the Korean tree! I wanted to thank you for posting every week and following the challenge. It has been a pleasure hearing about your Greek studying adventures and I hope that you continue to learn a lot (:


Can you explain more what the 90 day challenge is? If there is another one, I might like to join.


Hi Angela,

congratulations on reaching your end of your challenge and fighting through!

What is next? Czech?

I am curious: How many skills / lessons (total percentage) of your DL tree could you complete in 90 days?
Do you have the feeling that you could retain anything (and how much, just roughly) even you exclusively used only the DuoLingo mobile app instead of the DuoLingo website (full typing = better recalling including making errors = further learning from mistakes.......instead of easier word bricks tapping, remembering and multiple-choice answer elimination)?

I admit: I use the Android app on Bluestacks (Android emulator) from time to time to learn new skills (when I really want to push forward and don't have the feeling after typing).

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