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"The French course, the French courses"

Translation:Le cours de français, les cours de français

September 7, 2017



Why cant i say "le cours français"?


Why I can't say "le cours français"?

[deactivated user]

    If 'cours français' is refused, how would you say 'a French course' when referring, for example, to a French racecourse?


    Course is also repas in French


    No, un repas is a meal. To translate course in the sense of a part of a meal, we can use plat. For instance, le plat principal is the main course. But this is of course a different meaning to the way 'course' is being used above.


    Although, I guess that actually this could refer to a course of a meal. If you were having a world food feast where each of the courses was a dish from a different country's cuisine, then there may well be a plat français as part of it.


    This is in the education section, yet looking for a food-related translation? I used the word "classe" for course, yet it's looking for "plat" for some reason.


    Why 'de' is necessary, why can't it be just Le cours francais, les...?

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