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Sollte ich mehr Deutsch zu lernen oder nicht?

Hallo. Ich bin Zachary. Ich bin fünfzehn Jahre alt. Ich habe deutsch gelernt für ein Jahr jetzt, aber mit lange Pausen. Ich habe ein bisschen gelernt, aber ich bin weit von fließend, und das ist warum ich schreibe den Rest davon in Englisch. I began high school recently, and upon choosing my courses I realized that German was not a language my school offered. I knew I wanted to learn a foreign language through my school system so it would go to my GPA, and I had to take an online class for my critital thinking course anyway, so I chose french, assuming it would be fun from my experience of learning German. After getting started in French I began to realize that I would very much rather be learning German, maybe because I already spoke some and had a lot of fun being able to express myself to some extent with it. I really want to continue learning German, but at this point MUST be working on French. My question is, "Should I give up on German to focus on my language associated with school, or maybe try doing both at the same time?" I'm not sure how difficult it would be, so if any of you guys are linguistic aficionados, how much more difficult would it be for me to learn either language if I tried to learn them at the same time, and can I handle it? Thanks.

September 7, 2017



If you can, go for both. If you're far enough in German, study French from German on Duolingo.


i encourage you to pursue both. french is my first second language and i actively study italian and german. after banging my head on german word order, studying a bit of french is-relaxing, like seeing a friend after visiting the dentist. the opposite might be true for you. some german to decompress from french. french grammar isn't easy, but it is beautiful. here's a very helpful website to help you with french: https://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/ best wishes.


Thanks so much man. Ich lerne deustch und je apprendre français!


That depends on how much you can handle. You NEED to learn French and WANT to learn German, so I would focus on French. If you can, try both, because your first sentene sounds good and you don't seem to be an absolute beginner. Don't forget the other subjects you have to tackle. Language is a wonderful pasttime but you can always start again in a couple of years. That's like riding a bike - you will never forget it all!

A little hint: try to read much in your choosen language, especially things you like or need. This way, you will take in both grammar and vocabulary without actually learning it. It will stick, believe me.


Thanks a ton for giving your input guys. Awesome to see people I've never even met taking an interest in my concerns.

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I say take both. Just a feeling really. I think you will be glad you did. Have a Lingot!


UK schools started phasing out teaching German when I was just starting out on my educational path. As I had spent 3 years growing up in Germany (ages 4 until 6/7) this is a shame because when my family left the country my sister and I were both fluent so further lessons would have helped us keep the language we'd learnt. As it is I followed the school down the French path and have about as much knowledge of the subject as every other British student forced to take basic lessons in a language up until the age of 16 (classroom basic I believe it's called) :( Now I'm on here to learn Spanish & German so I say do both of your languages! I really enjoy relearning German and having two languages that are different from each other makes it a bit easier imo :) Good luck and have fun!

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