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  5. "On vodu nepije."

"On vodu nepije."

Translation:He does not drink water.

September 7, 2017



Is this just a general "He doesn't drink water" or could it be the more specific "He is not drinking the water"?


Both. The Czech language has only one present tense.

If you want to emphasize that he isn't drinking the water now, you may use 'teď' or 'nyní', both mean 'now': 'On teď vodu nepije.' - 'He is not drinking the water now.'


But could you also say: On nepije vodu. ? And if so would it make any difference to the emphasis ? Which wording is the most natural ?


You can say 'On nepije vodu.' as well. It sounds more natural to my ears. There is a slight emphasis on what he is not drinking (the water).

'On vodu nepije.' - There is a slight emphasis on what he is (not) doing with the water (not drinking it).


"On nepije vodu." -usually use., "On vodu nepije"-poetical use., it's very similar in other Slavic languages (as in my own :))


It's not poetical at all, it's just places the emphasis slightly differently, but generally they're interchangeable. My mother tongue is Slovak and I never had to learn Czech, as the two languages are so similar that I can understand everything and I am just lacking the active communication skills. Nevertheless, I can safely say, that the emphasis works almost the same in both Slovak and Czech.


Does Czech know the concept of using genetive after negation?


Not in Modern Czech. You can use it, but it sounds really archaic.


OK so I know the answer's always gonna be "the first syllable stressed", but is it also the case with negation? Do you pronounce it as if you said "ne PIje" or do you actually stress the "NEpije"?


You stress the first syllable, which is ne, as it is part of the word. It's just pure coincidence that the word ne (no) and the negation morpheme ne- (not) are the same, but they are two different things; the latter is an inflection creating a new, separate word, whose meaning is the negation of its related antonym word. Basically it means it's a normal syllable within the word like any other.

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