"We gaan straks naar het park."

Translation:We are soon going to the park.

1 year ago


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I wrote "we go to the park soon", but was corrected with "we'll go to the park soon". Now, I agree the latter is more correct, but given that we haven't actualy LEARNT the future tense yet, I think the former should be correct as well!

1 year ago

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Well, you're expected to know the English future tense. Unfortunately you can't use the English present simple to describe future actions, the way you can in Dutch (and many other languages).

1 year ago


You actually can use the present simple in English to describe future actions, but only when they're not changeable, when they're timetabled.

The class starts on Tuesday.

The plane goes at 5 o'clock.

It doesn't work in the given sentence though.

2 months ago
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