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  5. "Jsme malé?"

"Jsme malé?"

Translation:Are we small?

September 7, 2017



Why is the "-e" ending correct here?


It can be 'malí/malé/malá' depending on the grammatical gender (m/f/n). Look at the tips & notes for more info. :)

[deactivated user]

    It depends on the context. Since we don't have that here. There are several acceptable answers. Here's an excerpt from the Tips and notes:

    -í in animate masculine, e.g., mladí muži (young men) -é in inanimate masculine, e.g., velké stromy (big trees) -é in feminine, e.g., mladé ženy (young women) -á in neuter, e.g., malá zvířata (small animals)


    Does a "?" change what order "We are" is in ? (EX: "Jsme male = We are small" , "Jsme male? = Are we small?")


    English questions use a specific word order. However, declarative questions also exist in English.

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