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  5. "Jsou ony staré?"

"Jsou ony staré?"

Translation:Are they old?

September 7, 2017



"oni" = male / "ony" = female ?


'oni' = masculine animate,

'ony' = masculine inanimate and feminine,

'ona' = neuter.

Please read the tips-and-notes section for more information. ;)


I always forget that these exist (using the app most of the time). Great reminder!


I'm hoping they develop the tips in the app...


In a web browser (even mobile) select a skill annd click on the lightbulb.


I read the tips. But still, this helps. I can't remember everything I read.


Why do the tips disappear after a lesson is completed?


What kind of tips? If you are asking about a general issue, please ask in the main (Czech or not, your choice, but Troubleshooting seems better) forum.


Sorry but I couldn’t find a place to ask this question and someone above posted the suggestion to click on the lightbulb associated with a skill. All my lightbulbs are gone using any medium for completed skills and there are no lightbulbs at all past a certain point. If I had not printed out the tips at the start of earlier lessons, I would have nothing at this point.


And this has not happened with FRENCH, Spanish or German on Duo, only Czech.


If you do not go through the trouble of uploading a screenshot, this issue will not be escalated. Contrary to what you may be hinting at, we volunteers for the Czech course do not control whether this or that user gets to see the tips we wrote. Escalation to those who do would be necessary, and without evidence, it would be a waste of time.


Dear nueby, I’m sorry you seem so angry. I was not implying/hinting anything about bias. In fact, one other couple has since posted similar issues. I did take a screenshot but in these days with various internet scams and hacks, I was reluctant to open an account with a hosting service just to post a screenshot. My apologies if I gave the wrong impression.


Why is this sentence correct, without the "to" yet including "jsou", but I was marked off for a previous sentence where I combined "ony" and "jsou" to describe old animals, but discarded the "to". In the latter, does this mean the only inaccuracy would be improperly conjugating the "ony" to the feminine, instead of the neuter "ona"?


Check the other sentence for the animals explanation (zvířata are neuter).


From reading all this... Ona is neuter when plural and feminine when singular???


Why is is Jsou ony stare? one time and the next I am told it is Jsou oni stari?


czech has genders.

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