"Jak vysoké je to děvče?"

Translation:How tall is that girl?

September 7, 2017



I'm pretty sure "this" instead of "that" should be correct as well.

September 22, 2017


If you read this sentence, you will live long and prosper. If you read that one, on the other hand...

April 22, 2019


Why would "to" mean "this" as well as "that", if these words have different (even opposite) meanings in English? "That girl" is "to děvče"; "this girl", if I'm not mistaken, is "toto děvče" or "tohle děvče"

April 22, 2018


Actually, "to" and "toto/tohle" does not indicate distance, but actual physical presence at the moment of the conversation. For example: if we are talking about that girl over there, on the next bench, we would use "toto/tohle": "Jak vysoke je toto devce?". Meaning something like "how tall is that girl (that's right over there)?". On the other hand, if we are talking about my colleague, at work, with which I would like to hook you up (but you haven't yet met), you might ask "Jak vysoke je to devce", meaning "How tall is this girl (that you are talking about)?"

June 1, 2019


Thank you for the explanation!

June 2, 2019


So the word "divka" turns to "devce" in plural?

September 7, 2017


No. 'Dívka' is synonymous to 'děvče.' In terms of formality, 'děvče' is the most formal and slightly bookish, then 'dívka', then 'holka,' which is pretty informal.

For information about creating plurals, please consult the tips & notes or Wikipedia or Google.

September 7, 2017


"Děvče" is neuter noun: "TO děvče". [-e]

"Dívka" and "holka" are feminine nouns: "TA dívka" and "TA holka" [-a]

April 13, 2018


Why is it "to děvče" and not "Jak vysoke je ta to děvče?" as to děvče would be feminin?

March 2, 2018


"Děvče" is a grammatically neuter noun, despite meaning "girl." Bit confusing, that...

March 31, 2018


Same in german, das Mädchen

May 26, 2018


Thank you for the explanation. I was very confused with that.

April 22, 2019


I guess if děvče were replaced by dívka, the sentence would be "Jak vysoká je ta dívka".

June 18, 2019


Would vysoká be correct as well?

May 22, 2019


Vysoká would correct with dívka or holka, since they are feminine. But děvče is neuter.

May 22, 2019
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