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Are there tinycard decks with sentences?

I like to study languages using whole sentences or at least phrases - especially Japanese, where I keep messing up because I forget to put in particles, or I put in the wrong ones, or conjugate the verb wrong.

For that reason, the tinycard decks I have seen so far have not thrilled me. I don't really need a colorful photo of a dog; I'd much rather see the word "dog" used in a (hopefully meaningful) sentence.

Has anyone come across something like this?

September 7, 2017



What exactly do you mean by 'meaningful'? I've been working on some decks with sentences, but I'm not certain that they'd fit your criteria. Can you give an example sentence in English?


Well, basically anything that's a bit more involved than "This is a dog."

Along the lines of the Duolingo sentences - not too challenging.

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