Hi i have started using duolingo to help me learn french, i am a little concerned as in the eating section i was asked to put the french for "she has chocolate" it says its incorrect unless i put "du" also for "chocolate" it will only say it is correct if i put "du chocolat" i thought "du" was masculine for some?

September 7, 2017


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La fille a du chocolat et de la crème glacée.

Le garçon a du chocolat et de la crème glacée.

Chocolat is masculine / crème glacée is feminine

What great examples Prenom.Pierre !
I though them worth a cluster of lingots ! might also be of some interest to read.

Does anyone else have some interesting links on the subject of :
du | de la | des ?

Othere I like are :

You are right, "du" is masculine for some. In French, you have to use articles a lot more than you do in English. The correct translation of "She has chocolate" is "Elle a du chocolat". "Elle a chocolat" is not correct French - it would sound wrong to a French person.

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