Did you know that the hat accent in French is no longer in use. My question is, has Duolingo adapted to this change?

September 7, 2017

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Really ?

It's not tottaly true.

Some rules changed, but you are allowed to write the two spellings (both are right) : une île, une ile / le goût, le gout / and it's just for "i" and "u" and there are exceptions.

Not easy. Did you say "simplification" ?

This is not true. There was a small writing reform that impacted only some words. Here is an unofficial website documenting the new spellings and tolerances: Here is the page concerning the circumflex accent:

It says that on letters i and u it dispersals in the case it serves no pronunciation purpose. It persists in words like dû, mûr et sûr, jeûne(s) because of that.

Both spellings are tolerated for previously accentuated words however. At the moment writing coût instead of cout is not considered a mistake in official documents, exams, etc.

Thanks, Prenom Pierre and elchupacapra.

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