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Finished the German Tree! 280 days

I just finished the German tree!

07Sep 2017: Today I finished the tree! ( All 123 skills completed). 280 day streak. I have 19,006 total XPs. I also reached Level 22 today. My "fluency" shows 60%, and my word count is 2,485.

I have a lot of work to do, much studying to do to gain an acceptable -- to me -- level of proficiency. My plan is to continue with Duo to get at minimum of 365 day streak, but also to begin spending more time with YouTube, podcasts, etc.

I have posted a series of updates over the past months, just to provide info for those who are interested in seeing at what point someone else has X number of skills completed, words learned, etc. Here is a recap of those posts.

-- Updates to progress: I am just posting these progress updates to share data for those who like seeing how many words you might have at a certain level, or how many points - something like that. I make a note whenever I hit a new level, a milestone in terms of my streak, etc.

02Sep: 275 day streak. I have 18,016 total XPs, and am 984 XP from Level 22. I have only 12 lessons remaining to complete the tree (4 skills remain out of 123. Fluency is at 59%. Vocabulary is at 2404 words.

18Aug: 260 day streak. 641 XP from Level 21. 36 lessons remaining (9 skills remain of 123). 58% fluency. Vocab at 2151 words. Total XP: 16359

13 August 2017: 255 day streak. 1226 XP from level 21. Vocab at 2061. 58% fluency. Total XP: 15774

07 August 2017: 249 day streak. 65 lessons/15 skills remaining to complete the tree. Level 20. Fluency: 57%. Vocabulary: 1936 words. Total XP: 15039 ** (07 Aug: For what it's worth, for the past several weeks I have been more focused on keeping the tree gold than on advancing through new lessons. Just within the past week I have completed 6 skills, or about 25 additional lessons.)

15 July 2017: 227 day streak(since 29 November 2016). I have 68 lessons / 16 skills remaining to finish the tree. Level 19. 57% fluency. Vocabulary: 1839 words. 13504 total XP.

September 7, 2017



Congrats! I recommend moving onto Clozemaster - It's great as a post-duolingo tool


Just installed Clozemaster on your advice, looks good, thanks


Thank you for this. Seems really good fun and I like the accent!


Would you say you're able to read simple books in german?


I have downloaded one, from smartergerman.com, and ordered another off Amazon, but have not had time to try yet. I would say I probably am reading better than I am speaking and hearing, just because I have done very little speaking practice with others, while working through the tree. I studied German many years ago in high school, and a little in college. I think with just a little practice, interaction with others, I could gain some confidence in my speaking ability.


WOW!! Well done! My aim is to finish both the German & Spanish trees and then go in reverse as well (English for German/Spanish) whilst still keeping the trees golden. One day I'll be overjoyed to be able to make a similar post to yours so you must be over the moon - give yourself a pat on the back :D




Congratulations! German was one of the first trees I started here, and I still feel like I'm miles away from finishing it. Colour me very impressed!


Gut gemacht!!!


Cool :) Your hard work has paid off. Well done, Jim.

On a side note, I do recommend 'Learn German with Ania' youtube videos but I think you might be too advanced for those. www.nthuleen.com has some very informative practice sheets focused on German grammar.

Viel Glück!


Thank you! I have watched some of Ania's videos. She has a lot of energy! <smile>


My Congratulations!

I also have a question for you, I have recently started learning German, I just want to know, have you wrote all these Duolingo lessons on a book or else where to memorize them better? Or only studied here on the Duolingo site?


Thank you! I have not written down the lessons. However, I want to get to level 25, which requires 30,000 XPs. I also want to keep my streak going until I achieve that goal, so am now going to go back and start writing down words and grammar rules I don't know,


I have already done all writing each lessons along the rules, thought I was just wasting my time, but well, I hope I don't. And good luck! I know you can do it simply :)


No - you are not wasting time. There have been many studies done about learning, that show how much our retention increases by taking handwritten notes. Keep it up! Viel Glück!


Thanks :) You too, best of luck! :)

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