"Sýr nesnášíme."

Translation:We cannot stand cheese.

September 7, 2017

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I wrote "We cannot bear cheese" and it has been marked as wrong. To cannot bear something is a normal synonym for to cannot stand something. (As is cannot abide....) I have clicked my answer should be accepted....


There are times when "cannot bear" works, and times when it really doesn't. "I cannot bear to watch!" "I cannot bear to go there again!" "I cannot bear to hear her say that one... more... time!" They all work well. "I cannot bear cheese"... not so much.


Sorry but I really can't agree with you. Maybe it is generational (I am nearly 80 so have been speaking English for quite a long time) but I would not hesitate to use it in response to the question "Do you like cheese?" "No I can't bear it!". Absolutely normal use.

However I do agree with the reverse of that - you probably would not say "I can't stand to watch" or indeed "I can't stand to go there again.." For the last example you quote I think either would be okay.


Following discussion, the team has agreed to accept "cannot/can't bear" as an alternative translation here.


What a fascinating chart! I am not quite that old - maybe I just read a lot of literature written at the turn of the century :-)


would Nesnásime syr focus the sentence differently?


No, not really


Why "we do not stand cheese" is marked as wrong?


It is incorrect in English. The phrase is "cannot/can't stand." when speaking about something that we strongly dislike.


Is "We can't stand cheese" also correct?


The contraction can be used; it should recognized automatically by the system.


It was marked as incorrect too o.O


You reported "I can't stand cheese". You need "we" here ;)

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