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  5. "Je veliký?"

"Je veliký?"

Translation:Is he big?

September 7, 2017



Why veliký instead of velký?


Both are correct. Same word, same meaning. At times the extra "i" might help with pronunciation flow and that is my personal theory why this (and some other words) exist in multiple spellings/pronunciations.


I would just add that 'veliký' sounds slightly more expressive. :)


In Wiktionary, veliký is translated as "great (very big; large scale)". Is that possible that veliký means something greater than velký, or actually both are the same greatness?


They mean the same thing (big in size) . Both can also be used for "great" but there seems to be an unwritten rule about this. "Veliký" is used as "great" but only with people. Alexander the Great = Alexandr Veliký.

Velký is more often used as "great" with things but not necessarily exclusively. "He had a great influence" = On měl velký vliv. or On měl veliký vliv.

The historical figures seem to be the only case where VELIKÝ or VELIKÁ are used exclusively.


Veliké explanation! :) Great, thanks!


I'd use dobrá or skvělá explanation (which translates as vysvětlení, by the way). What you wrote would imply that @kacenka9 had written an essay to explain the stuff to you.


Is this in anyway related to the Czech/Slovak surname Velicky? Perhaps derived from it or something, or are they unrelated?


Jsem jediný kdo slyší "Je velký?" namísto "Je veliký?" (Nahlášeno)

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