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I reached German level 15. Is it okay to start Spanish or will it confuse me? No prior knowledge.

September 7, 2017



It all depends on your language learning personality! :) Try it and see. If it's confusing, stop.


Spanish and German are from two different language families and the way words are written and the pronunciation are not really similar. You shouldn't get confused and even if you do, it probably won't happen too often.


it will be fine as long as your languages aren't too similar you won't get confused, although it can be good if they are similar because the similarities could help you better understand the languages


I was asking myself the same question a few weeks ago when I wanted to start learning Dutch (I am currently perfecting my Spanish). Bottom line: It does not confuse me at all because the two languages are totally different. Of course, the conclusion might have been different for me if my Spanish was still at a beginner level.

On the counter part, you will have to manage your learning time for both languages. What is your priority? What is your plan for learning both languages at the same time? Do you want to achieve basic skills in both language or to perfect both languages?


you can do AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!

[deactivated user]

    that depends on who you are but i probably would not start spanish


    No. I take spanish and german myself and I can't get confused because their 2 different languages.


    Everyone's learning style is different but personally my goal is to focus on Swahili. I want to complete the tree and meet the highest level. If I were to try another language, I would definitely still do lessons in Swahili to make sure I don't forget it.

    So with that in mind, if you were to try Spanish as well, the only thing that would be really important is to not forget your German vocab. But you do whatever you want!


    Thank you for your all answers and different view points. I desire to be perfect in what I learn even if for an A1-A2 level in a language. Although I am learning this as a hobby, I hope it could be of help in some way in the future. I do not want to lose whatever I have learned in German in the process of learning another language, so this question. Thank you once again all you.

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