"Doctor's prescription"

Translation:Cheti cha daktari

September 7, 2017

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I've grown up using cheti cha dawa. But I've also grown up using slang and mixed swahili so I might be wrong. Sorry not a very helpful native speaker here.


I think "dawa ya daktari" should also be accepted, at least according to a Swahili dictionary, But I know they are trying to teach us the word "cheti." In that case, though, it would be helpful if they added the translation "prescription" to "certificate" for "cheti"


Wouldn't that mean "doctor's medicine"? Did you mean to write cheti cha dawa?


Wow, I'd love to ask this question of a native Swahili speaker. But your answer sounds better than mine.


Yeah, I'm wondering how you'd say a doctor's certificate (ie. a medical certificate saying you're unfit for work or whatever).


Came here to ask this exact question. I absent mindedly gave "doctor's certificate" as an answer and was marked wrong. It got me wondering the same

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