10,000 XP!

Yay! I have reached 10000 XP! (woohoo!) The majority of it was done in Spanish and a little bit from French! it's not much compared to some people (or a lot of people :D) but it's nice that I've reached my temporary goal! Everyone, have a nice day!! :D

September 7, 2017


That is great! Keep up the good work! I really like your picture . Are pandas your favorite animal?

aw, thanks! yes, pandas (and tigers...and any cat-like animals) are my favorite!

Congrats! And I love cats too!

Thanks! what's your favorite cat types?)

I don't really have one, I really like all cats! Do I have to chose?

I love cats too though they are not my favorite animal. What languages are you taking? Do you like the stories?

I'm taking mainly Spanish for school (it helps my curriculum a lot!) and doing a little bit of French for fun! (I can't speak it or understand it but it's still fun! :D)

Keep it up! Great job!

awesome job keep it up and someday you will reach 1000000XP!!!!!!!!

Thank you! (I think approximately it would take me about 6 years to reach that much XP at the rate i'm, that's a long time...:D)

hopefully it won't take that long! XD

[deactivated user]

    congrats pandatea! P.S i love your picture. pandas are my favorite animal, too!

    Aw, thanks! I made my picture off of Paint 3D because I love art! (and pandas...they are soo cute!)

    wow you are 193 day streak!

    yeah, I hope I can reach 365 day streak some day. luckily I haven't been on vacation or anything yet!

    Thank you!One time I was on 27 day streak but i did not get to do it so I lost my streak. I was sad.

    Do you like dogs better or cats?

    I like cats better because I relate to them better. (like being lazy all the time...more introverted...etc.) I like dogs also, especially beagles and Siberian huskies! (they're so pretty!)

    I once saw a user who reached 700,000+ XP overall!

    WOW! that's a lot!! :o

    nice!!!!!!! member me??

    yeah, I remember you! by the way, do you like Capital Kings? (I love their music so much! I actually found them through that song! :D)

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvv capital kings!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saaame!! what's your favorite song from them?

    [deactivated user]

      you should be in the lingot contest that XxNerdGirlxX is doing

      what's a lingot contest? ( I honestly don't know what it is!)

      believer!!! do u like lecrae? my favorite song from him is 'All I Need is You'

      I also love Believer! (except I like Forever better!) I also love Lecrae. my favorite song from him would be Nuthin. Do you like Andy Mineo?

      I don't know who that is…sounds familiar tho

      you should look him up on youtube! he is also a rapper (like lecrae) and is also with reach records! ( I like 'all I need is you' song-they would play it loudly over the speakers at my camp!)

      other than tobymac, who is your favorite artist? (mine is capital kings, owl city, tobymac, andy mineo, and lecrae!)

      other than the macster I like capital kings, lecrae, crowder, for king and country, Jorden feliz, mandisa, manafest, jimi cravity, tauren wells, Colton Dixon, and hollyn!

      Cool! I also like manifest (avalanche!), for king and country, hollyn, and tauren wells! (I recognize him from royal tailor-who I also like!) I enjoy listening to chrisitian artists a lot!

      changed profile. like it?

      it's cool! what is it exactly?

      mega lucario. hes a pokemon

      and can u follow ShadowBullet6?

      cool, a pokemon! (who is shadowbullet6 and where can I find it?)

      nevermind, I found it! (who is it?)

      I wood tell u but its personal info

      oh, that's ok! (because i'm all for personal safety on the web!)

      k. thx for following him! :)

      your welcome! (did you change your name again? or is it my imagination?) yeah if I ever changed my profile name it would be either TheMorbidPanda or PandaCity.

      yeah you're losing yo mind. jk yeah I changed my name

      you're not the only person who says i'm losing my mind (hahaha)

      oh great! I just did a search for my username on a search engine and found out that panda tea is expensive tea made from panda poo! that's it, i'm changing my name!

      eeeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!! how can ppl DRINK that stuff

      (BARF! BARF!) >:(

      i think it's for detox or something like that...I would actually rather drink bug poop tea than that stuff!

      I totally agree. (mainly because…have u ever seen how HUMONGOUS panda poop can get!!?? ;)

      uh, yeah-plus it's gross no matter how tasty the tea may be. while on the subject of gross tea do you know that there's this tea made from a dead fungusized caterpillar? it's supposed to be good for you


      dead bugs is supposed to be GOOD for you?!?!

      yeah, it's weird. according to some people the bug-dropping tea tastes like dirt. alright, change of subject- do you like family force 5?

      sure. but the only song I know from them is 'walking on water'

      I love that song! you should listen to BZRK or chainsaw-I thought they were weird songs but I like them now.

      you should also check out kb if you've never heard of him-he's a Christian rapper.

      yeah Ive heard of him. is in "oh god forgive us" by For King and Country

      I like 'I believe' song from him.

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