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"Strengthen" is too weak

My problem with "Strengthen" feature is that it behaves like learning a lesson from scratch. You get 20 exercises, you are not punished for errors and passing it gives only a slight boost. To get a topic back to golden from zero you need like four times of strengthening. More importantly, you get the same sentence multiple times even if you got it right the first time.

While that is a good idea if you didn't use the language for a long time, it misses an important case. And that is - when you mastered the language in general but just want to have a quick check of your hardest topics. Like, what was that article for the German word "Fleisch" - is it "der" or "das", ahh no idea.

For that case, it would be nice to have a separate Strengthen mode which behaves more like "test out"/"Placement test". I.e. you get 3 lives, you don't get hints but once you pass it with no lives lost, you get multiple topics boosted to gold straight away. And if you lost some lives, those topics get less progress. This makes it possible to run Strengthen several times and quickly identify the topics you have real problems with and skip things you proved you know well.

How about that, Duolingo Team?

September 7, 2017



I am not apart of the team but some of us duolingoist know the strength bar is broken. Duo has been having a huge up date since like the beginning of the year, and there adding new and cool features in. Hopefully there fixing that too, but it's hard to say. Duo's gonna need more time, but I think they may be fixing it since this has been a problem since what has felt like forever. Hope this clears things up!- Myah.


I think it's a great idea, especially if it were a feature you could buy with lingots like timed practice. I wouldn't always use it, just like timed practice, it would be something to use, once I went through the words a couple of times, but then it would be a nice challenge.

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