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500 day streak! - my last major milestone (probably)

OMG, > 50 XP a day for 500 days! But I don't think I will hit 1,000 day streak milestone.

I started learning Spanish from scratch with Duolingo. Now I need to find ways to practice conversational Spanish. The level of my French is actually above what Duolingo offers. I just need to put in the practice time to reach level 25. I will continue with Japanese for a while. I may pick up another language. I wish Duolingo offers Latin or Ancient Greek. Tried Vietnamese, no sound (technical problems?). I am waiting for Korean.

I have to thank Duolingo to provide a means for keeping my aging brain healthy. Much appreciated!

But I doubt that I have the rigor to keep the streak alive for another 500 days.

September 7, 2017



I've also been practicing 50XP per day for 1,176 consecutive days. There was a point where I thought there were no more words to learn, but then I reversed the course and started learning English from Italian. The vocabulary increased by over 600 words and it became more of a challenge. I enjoy taking up to 15 minutes in the morning while on the train to practice. I just wish I had someone to speak to in Italian that actually spoke it properly.


It is the first thing i do after breakfast for the last 500 days. It has become a habit. So there may be a chance that I will reach 1000 days, like you. I am doing timed practice with French, getting XP more quickly. It is more challenging and also a good exercise for typing fast without typos. lol.


Congratulations! I'm just starting out, but that's basically my goal - to use duo to get to the point where I don't need duo lol. Knowledge comes from the journey, enjoy the next leg in yours! Best of luck :)


I plan to get a 999 day streak and then lose it purposefully...


1056 day streak! Chapeau!


Congratulations! Well done!


Hola como estas, vamos a tener una conversacion!


Eso seria genial. Como empezamos?


No se si....... mi color favorito es rojo!


Congratulations, chiameur!!!! But can I just ask that you don't use the 'OMG' phrase on Duolingo? ;)


Sure. That is probably the third time i used OMG in my life. I don't know why I used it here. I am usually not a fan of online jargons. However, I do use emoji though. ;-)


that is awesome!!! i know that if you really focus you will hit the 1,000 in your streak

[deactivated user]

    do not lose hope chiameur!


    "Even the mighty oak started out as a tiny acorn." You started on day one and now look at how far you've come and how far you can go! Great work!


    Congratulations! I hope you get to 1000 day streak!

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