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  5. "These are my grandparents."

"These are my grandparents."

Translation:Das sind meine Großeltern.

September 7, 2017



Why not "diese"? if it's plural, surely it should have the 'e'?


"Dies sind meine Großeltern" will work. "Dies" is used similarly to "Das." "Dies" doesn't take an ending when it immediately precedes ist/sind.


Same question. I cannot see what is wrong with "diesel", even though "das" means "these or those".


You mean "diese"? I have the same question. Diese sind meine Großeltern.


Why can't it be "diese" at the beginning? I'm seeing a bunch of people with the same question but the answers they're getting... well aren't really answers. Why is it "das" instead of "diese"? AND I also keep seeing it would be "dies" instead of "diese" if we were to use one of those words, why is that?


Can diese meine Großeltern be correct??


"Diese sind meine Großeltern" is also correct altough it is more specific meaning "These ones are my grandparents"


Duo marks that incorrect.


There is a good explanation of when to use Das - Dies - Diese here:


Here's the relevant part but the entire page is worth reading:

While it is not exactly wrong to say "diese [Personen] sind meine Kinder", no one in Germany says that, because it's just not necessary to add or imply the noun or link the demonstrative grammatically to the children like you do in English. You just point to whatever you mean, so you would use das/ dies like in the last example of my post above. Most likely is just to say "Das sind meine Kinder".


Very good Thank you


Why is "Das siene" incorrect? I thought siene can be used for the feminine form?


Verbs conjugations do not depend on the gender. Furthermore, "Großeltern" is not feminine, it's plural.


sein/e is the masc. /neut. possessive pronoun 3rd pers. sing.

I don't see how that could be used at all to translate the English sentence.


Can diese meine Großeltern be correct


So, if das/dies is used because it is unnecessary to use a plural on that which is implied and stated at another point in the statement, would it also be correct to say "diese Großeltern sind mein", for "these grandparents are mine"?

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