"starý František"

Translation:old František

September 7, 2017

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František, what is?


A name. A Czech person with a typical name.


another name would be Frank (or Frankie as a diminutive) so, old Frank or old Frankie should be acceptable as a translation


The lessons ask not to translate the names. If you are missing the accents, just omit them and it should be accepted as a typo.


For the ones saying that this is wrong or not useful, From now on i will call my friend "Francisco" aka Francis...Frantisek Thanks Duo!


I really appreciate the work the team has done on Czech. I’m wondering though, if perhaps it would be better to use a noun in place of proper names? Something like “old man” or “old woman” “old house” etc would be more helpful vs copying and pasting a name.


Why not learning some Czech names? It's useful too. I learned John and Magaret when I started to study English.


Duo shouldn't put names in a listening exercise when the name has never been used/seen before.


Nah. This is how we all learned our native language. We heard things we never heard before and that brain shock ultimately caused us to learn the word after several more repetitions.


I think that should be true for all words. However, that is really something out of control for the course developers.

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