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  5. "Luni este înainte de marți."

"Luni este înainte de marți."

Translation:Monday is before Tuesday.

September 7, 2017



English speakers are at least as likely to say "Monday comes before Tuesday."


Not to be confused with 'luna este înainte de martie'


Why "de" is used here? Is this means leterally " monday is before since Thursday?


In Romance languages "de" is often used as part of prepositional expressions.

before Tuesday
înainte de marți (ro)
prima di martedì (it)
antes del martes (es)

It's probably best just to accept as it is, and not try to analyse it too much. But one meaning of "de" is "of", and we have several prepositional expressions with "of" in English:

in front of the church
instead of me
on top of the hill


What's more, there is some sort of connection in English berween "before" and "in front of"

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