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Thank you Korean team for all your amazing hard work!

Hi Korean team and normal users! I am so happy this course has FINALLY come out! I changed my username in honor of its release :)

Just started the course! Only on Level two, but it's so amazing, it's fun! I haven't tried any other method of learning Korean, but I am sure this is the best one! Thank you Soedori, niskigwun, Croesus1983B, Ash-Fred, oree94, jay.kwonkw, spenerish, frerejang, and HyowonKwon for this amazing course! It's so awesome!! There is no better course on all of duolingo! Totally worth the wait, even though we thought it was going to come out 2099-9999 :) and totally worth having to do it on Mobile only! Thank you so much! I can simply not thank you enough for this!


September 7, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I hope it comes out on the web too, Thanks.


    Great work, thank you so much!


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