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  5. "hezké nové auto"

"hezké nové auto"

Translation:nice new car

September 7, 2017



Hezky is used as pretty, attractive, nice. Isn't beautiful a synonym for at least "pretty" and somewhat "attractive"? I don't think you should give an error when hezky is translated as beautiful. A warning would have been enough saying that a better translation is "nice".


I think "beautiful" is stronger than "pretty". It is usually translated as "krásný" ("krásná", "krásné").


Are there rules surrounding adjective ordering that sounds more natural in Czech or would it be equally natural-sounding to say "nové hezké auto"? For example in English "new nice car" is correct but sounds stranger than "nice new car."


Same in Czech, some orders are more natural. I am not aware of a rule or reason but New nice car = nové hezké auto - sounds weird. Not completely impossible but unusual. Nice new car ´= hezké nové auto - is natural


In this case, a different word order has a slightly different contextual meaning. The further adjective modifies the part closer to the noun. "nové hezké auto" says to me that he already has a nice car, and now he has another nice car, which is new. "Hezké nové auto" says to me that most importantly it's a new car, which also happens to be nice.


We usualy order adjectives by specificity. Less specific goes usualy before the more specific. Mayby this can help you: Which car is nice? The new one - hezké nové auto (sounds OK) Which car is new? The nice one - nové hezké auto (sounds weird)


What is wrong with "nice new auto" as an answer?


We do not currently accept "auto" as an English word. I will leave it for native English speakers to decide, I recall there was some discussion about this word.


In American English I think it's technically correct but not natural, and in my opinion it's fair for Duolingo to reject such answers.

"auto" does mean "car" but is rarely used on its own like that. It's usually used in noun-as-adjective form, like "auto repairs" or "auto insurance." Occasionally also on signage - for example, I can imagine a sign on a toll booth that says "autos $1.00."


Why good isn't a synonym for nice?


Because it means something else.

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