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Notes on a Separate Website?

Team Korean, I wanted to first thank all of you for your hard work in creating this course. I'm enjoying it so far.

I am wondering if you were going to post the notes for the course on a separate website, such as Duolingo Reddit, so mobile users can review notes while going through the course.

Thanks again!

September 7, 2017



I really don't get why Duolingo doesn't already let app users view the notes anyway. Seems like a ridiculously easy feature to add to the app.

It's kind of a shame that the sentence discussions are now going to be crammed full of grammar questions which are already answered in the lesson notes, since the web version of the course isn't officially released yet. ^^;


Wait, how do you even get to sentence discussions from mobile? I can only see "Report" in the iOS app...


I can see sentence discussions on Android but not iOS.


There's a 100% of that happening, anyway :(


And your wish is granted! We now have a Notes Repository!

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