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  5. "A book and a pencil"

"A book and a pencil"

Translation:책과 연필

September 7, 2017



Basically what they are trying to say is instead of saying wa for and when vowels are at the end of a word and saying gwa for and when consonants are at the end of a word, use hago and there will be no confusion.


Why is it -과 and not - 하고?


~과/와 and ~하고 are two different ways of saying "and"


There is more to this, it not just simply two ways of saying the word "and" because it depends on the context.

For example: When showing someone what salt and pepper are. You would say, "This is salt and (하고) this is pepper."

When asked what you use to cook your chicken. You would say, "Well, I use salt and (과) pepper.


are they interchangeable?


Can anyone answer this please?


과 is used after a consonant and 와 is used after a vowel. 하고 is used in either case. Or something like that, lol.


And is there any difference in those ways?


What's the difference between 와/과 and 하고? Pls help


I cant find the correct option


why I can't use like this 책와? I thought that if the last character is a consonant, then it should be 와, whereas the last character is a vowel, then it would be 과. But, it does not apply to this situation. Anyone who can explain this situation? I am confused.


If the word is consonant it should be 과, not 와. Example, "Food and..." Would be "음식과..."

사과와... Would be "Apple and...

Conclusion: If the last character is consonant, use 과.

If the last character is vowel, use 와. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, ask away!


nono, actually 와 is used when the last character is a vowel, for example 여자와. (ㅏ) is a vowel. and in this sentence, 책 ends with a consonant (ㄱ), so we should use 과. 책과


What about 하고 and your word ends in consonant or vowel?


The option wasn't even up therr...


Its trying to teach that there are two ways


What did you make to advance? I cant find the correct option, I`ve tried with everything


You said I had an extra space, but you did not provide an answer that was on connected word, so it was not my fault, please fix


Oh come on, the option wasn't even available in the answer section.


Why can't I separate "과" ? (I mean "책 과 연필" instead of "책과 연필") I thought I could seperate it, since it's a new word.

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