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Reflexive verb ? Quite confusing

what are those sich and mich ? Dictionary say they mean oneself . It doesnt look like that to me .For example: " ich bedanke mich " means I thank you . Why not Ich bedanke dich

and few more verb are puzzling me like :

-Ich dusche mich -Erinnerst du dich an deinen Erster Kuss ? -Beklagst du dich oft über die Schwiegereltern ?

Do the mich and dich require solely for the structure , because it doesnt serve any meaning at all . ( or at least it doesnt mean oneself to me )

September 7, 2017



Hi Duck,

I definitely understand why this is confusing you. I found a site with imho good explanations. Please have a look at it. I know it's in german but I think this can help. If there are still questions tell me. It's not so difficult as it looks.


best regards Angel


What I understand: this reflexive stuff shows which person does something. "Ich dusche mich." - also me and not another person (f.e. "Ich dusche meine Tochter."). With the same example all the other reflexives: "Du duschst dich." - "Er/Sie duscht sich." - "Wir duschen uns." - "Ihr duscht euch." - "Sie duschen sich."


"Ich bedanke mich" would probably transliterate to "I'm thankful myself" or "I myself am thankful" So it entirely depends on the expression and context. "I am thankful yourself" doesn't make sense, which is why "Ich bedanke dich" would also fail to make sense.

Ich/mich/mir are ways of referring to oneself. We even have additional words in English such as I, me, myself, mine etc. that are all self-referential.

I know I'm answering just a part of your question, but I hope that helps.

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