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Finnish app in Duolingo style

Finnish contributors lost hope and made their own web application in Duolingo style:

https://finnlingo.herokuapp.com (choose Test course)

September 7, 2017



I've only tried the first lesson of the test course, but so far I'm pretty impressed. It feels somehow a little rough round the edges but seems to work fine. A shameless Duolingo clone, but... well, DL refuse to make a Finnish course so it's not as if Finnlingo are competing for users :).



Damn! I don't have a facebook account. I really hope Duolingo consider to add the Finnish course. This language deserves it, more than, for instance, the klingon course.


I'm incredibly grateful for that! I already studied Finnish for a month now with various sources, but was still missing the duolingo style.

With some previous knowledge/vocabulary, this course is perfect. For a beginner I'd consider it hard without learning about cases first (e.g. haluta taking partitive or accusative, as a beginner there's no visible pattern in the endings) and with words not being introduced before using them in sentences (e.g. punainen).

Anyway, I love it!!!


Is logging in with Facebook really necessary?

Hopefully the course existing in some form encourages Duo to add the course and also speeds up the creation when/if it finally gets added.


Yes, authentication is needed for tracking XP and managing edit access to different courses (you can create a course yourself there) and Facebook authentication seems to be the only implemented at the moment.


That's a pity. I'd love to try it out, but I don't have a Facebook account.

But still, thumbs up to the contributors.


I would have tried it if it didn't require a Facebook account, which I don't have. Maybe good old registration via email can be introduced sooner or later.


the site looks pretty underdeveloped but is functional


I'm also not at facebook but would love to try it! Will there be other options available (email, google-account etc.? ) I think most of us still practise with memrise. I think there are quite a few people who have no facebook account and it shouldn't be a requirement for registrations on projects outside from facebook. Would you let us know when there other registration options available?

Anyway - Thanks for sharing!


This is awesome! I'm really grateful that you guys have made this. It's a shame they haven't made a Finnish course.

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