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  5. "아이, 우유"

"아이, 우유"

Translation:Child, milk

September 7, 2017

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Confused as to how we are supposed to know vocabulary after just being taught initial hangul?


Well, you can click on a word to see what it means. Is this your first Duolingo course? (not to be taken as an insult) Also, Duolingo does a bad job teaching Hangul. There are only 24 letters but Duolingo makes it look like a lot by making the syllables look like letters themselves. I reccomend watching Billy GO! Korean or KoreanClass101.com on YouTube


Also Memrise does a good job of teaching the individual symbols that make each of their 'letters' in my opinion


안녕하세요!! I think they just want to test our reading of hangul using the initial letters we've accumulated so far. It's separated by a comma, so I don't think it was meant as a sentence.


@kaurin what is hangul


It's the name of the stuff you just learned. BTW, on computer, you can scroll down past the lesson start stuff, and it'll give you some helpful information that really helped me!! :)


Now that is accessed by clicking on the lightbulb button next to the start button.


Just checking, but is there a way to access that info on the app? I get the lightbulb when I'm working through my browser, but not when I'm on the phone.


No, it is not available on the app. You can also access it through https://duome.eu/Andy51378/progress


can the armys please leave the comment section. this is for helping people or being helped, not finding people who like the same band as you. sincerely, an army

[deactivated user]

    I agree. Im an army too. And its just a bit tedious that all through the comment sections people are basically just spamming with ''armyyy'' like yes we support but lets not interrupt it for other people learning the language who have nothing to do with army. We're not here to get in the way of others and each other learning the language. ❤


    hi, i seem to hear U-yo for milk... but it looks like u-yu. Is this my elderly ears, or is there something
    I am missing? i cringe in case it is obvious to everyone else.


    The Korean “o” is much closer to “u” than in English, but it is audibly different.


    I'm here just to learn, what's "army"?

    [deactivated user]

      ''Army'' is what the fans of ''BTS" ( A popular Korean boy band) are called. So when people are saying that they're part of ''army'' and they're learning Korean its basically them saying they're here to learn to understand the group better and their lyrics or something


      Ok so i typed 아이 in google trabslate and it saud 'children' not child. And i typed in children on here and i got it right??


      Google translate isn't the most accurate translator - none are really, so it shouldn't be relied on to find 100% accurate translations.


      The Korean pronunciation here of 'milk' seems wrong: 우 is the 'oo' sound. She says 'we...'


      Child is wrong? why?


      There were two words. child, milk


      I believe the answer is supposed to be "a i, o yu"-- up to this point, they did not offer any vocabulary translations. We've only learned the phonetic pronunciations of these korean characters... I think they need to fix this.


      "ai, uyu" is correct and an accepted answer, but all you need to do is click on new words for hints. I am glad that they started to give a couple of words with the alphabet. Most children learn a word for each word of the alphabet after all.


      Why is the word milk pronounced on this screen like oo yuh (if I use English sounds) or u yeo (Romanization)? Why doesn't it sound like u yu (or oo yoo in Eng sounds)?


      Sounds like she is saying uyo but isnt it uyu?


      why does 유 make a "yo" sound when paired with 우, but makes a "yu" sound by itself?


      I wrote "A child, milk", but this course supposes that "A" is unnessessary so it marked my answer as wrong


      These are two nouns right?


      No that would have been "아이, 우어

      This is [Ai uyu].

      Hover over the word with your mouse on the web or click on it on the app to see the meaning: child, milk




      Jezus this is hard how do they keep all these leters apart?

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