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I wish they had more languages, even though I love it!

I LOVE Duolingo, but when i showed it to my friend she said that it looked cheep because it didn't have the language she wanted to learn. I think it would be cool if Duolingo had new languages added, like Arabic, or something else like non basic languages, maybe then more people would like it!

September 7, 2017



We are waiting for some languages such as Arabic, Finnish, Icelandic, Lithuanian and more languages for centuries here... I hope they will be avaible here someday... Maybe in 2089, who knows....


Hah! We probably won't be alive then!


I think Egyptians speak Arabic, not Egyptian, If you mean ancient Egyptian, sure, also new languages are added to the incubator constantly one after enother, the courses are made by the community not the Duo Staff themselves, I hope languages like, Tagalog, Finnish and Estonian would oneday be on Duolingo, we even have fake languages like High valaryn, and A language from star trek, happy learning!!! :D


Sorry i did mean Arabic. My mistake!


Yes, it would be good to see more languages on Duolingo, but I agree with some of the other comments, that since Duolingo is free, no one can complain too much! There are still a lot of languages on Duolingo, and new ones are in the process of being hatched.


Yes some of my friends want to learn Chinese but Duolingo doesn't have it.


Totally understandable!


Mandarin will supposedly be out this year, which I am looking forward to, as I think it is my favorite east asian language along with Vietnamese


"non basic languages" Try Irish, Welsh, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese Kanji, or Hebrew which doesn't write in a true alphabet. Klingon will be out soon and it might be the hardest until they come out with Mandarin


Cool, i just might try one!


So far, duolingo has lessons for all the languages I have ever thought of learning!


i know this is not about the subject, but i love the guinea pig you have for your picture.


Thanks, i love guinea pigs, i actually have one!

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