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  5. "맛있는 아침을 만드세요."

"맛있는 아침을 만드세요."

Translation:Make a delicious breakfast.

September 7, 2017



What's the difference between saying "Make a delicious breakfast." and "Make breakfast delicious." From what I understand, both could be used right? Correct me if I'm wrong.


"Make breakfast delicious" is incredibly akward in English.


I think you might have to use different particles to say "make breakfast delicious". Instead of saying "a delicious-being breakfast make" which is what this translation is saying, maybe you would say something like "make the breakfast to be delicious" so you would say something like 아침을 맛있게 만드세요. They're both very similar sentences though, so maybe your translation should be accepted :)


They're different sentences. Imagine using them. 'Make a delicious breakfast' is telling someone to make breakfast, and also specifying that the breakfast should be delicious. 'Make breakfast delicious' is an instruction to alter or change breakfast so that it is delicious e.g. 'make breakfast delicious by adding maple syrup' or 'buy our cereal and make breakfast delicious.

Try it out, imagine your friend was sitting there and you wanted them to make you breakfast. So you say to them "make breakfast delicious." They would be confused.


Soo... Isn't the Korean word for breakfast 아츰밥 though? Doesn't 아침 just mean morning and 을 is the object thingy you add? I'm slightly confused

[deactivated user]

    no, it's 아침밥 or 아침


    Or 아침식사 though i sont know how often its used


    식사 is more formal


    In this context it's short for breakfast. The same is done for lunch and dinner. A lot of words in Korean change depending on the context.


    What is the difference between using "a" and "the" in this sentence? How is "the" written and how is "a" written? Because I thought either one could work in this situation but I was wrong.


    I think it's because "the" in this sentence would sound kind of weird in english. I mean, it would kind of sound like you were talking about that breakfast before, so i feel like if you want to say "the" here, you would use 그 아침.


    You cant say "tasty?"


    I used "yummy" and it wasn't valid ㅠㅠ why


    Make a delicious morning


    Make me a sammich, Duo.


    So 세요 is used with the imperative? How would you say "I make.." in Korean? 만드요?


    It's 만들어요 ^_^


    Why's it wrong to add ", please." here?


    I don't know. This is a command that sounds polite in Korean but potentially unpolite in English bc it does not have "please" in it. In my understanding, adding 시 (which becomes 세 in this sentence) makes a polite command like adding "please" in English. I came to ask about this because I think this should be translated with "please" in it to avoid misunderstanding that this is pretty polite in Korean, not rude


    does this not sound rude in korean?


    This sounds rude in English, like you're ordering someone to do something...


    i am confused. what is -세요 means/for in '만드세요'? why is not only -요? so its become '만드요'?


    Why " prepare delicious breakfast" wrong ?

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