International Sitesurf Appreciation Day

Today, 7 September, is the annual International Sitesurf Appreciation Day!

Thank you Sitesurf for the tireless hours you give to help us all improve our French! Merci beaucoup !

Because this is an internationally recognised day, it goes for 2 days, as long as it's 7 September somewhere in the world.

Please write your own words of appreciation to Sitesurf below.

Aujourd'hui, le 7 septembre, est le Jour International de la Reconnaissance de Sitesurf !

Merci beacoup Sitesurf pour les efforts incessants que tu nous donnes pour nous aider améliorer notre français !

Car ce jour est mondialement reconnu, il dure 2 jours, aussi longtemps que c'est le 7 September quelque part dans le monde.

S'il vous plaît, écrivez vos propres mots de reconnaissance en dessous.

Sitesurf, oublie mes erreurs pour une fois, mon français va survivre s'il se passe de rectifications aujourd'hui. :)

September 7, 2017


Merci beaucoup Sitesurf! Je t'aime!

September 8, 2017

Sitesurf, I am so thankful. I recently retired from teaching in the US and moved to Montreal where my parents lived before I was born. They spoke french as their native language but when I was young decided to not use french in our house in NY. Times were different in the 1950's. I never thought I could learn french at my age. After a year of spending 1-3 hours a day with duolingo, I am able to read the newspaper, instructions, signs, etc. I am now beginning to interact in french (making purchases, ordering, etc) and understand when people speak. Speaking is hard but I now know I can do this. I am looking forward to meeting my cousins and uncle this winter who speak french and whom I have not seen in over 30 years. I now know I am on my way through this journey! Thank you so much for all your help, Denis Bouchard

September 7, 2017

Merci mille fois Sitesurf. Vous êtes vraiment un ange du français!

September 8, 2017

Merci mille fois, Sitesurf !

Au fait, Trofaste, pourquoi 7 Septembre ?

September 8, 2017

C'est le jour où CJ.Dennis l'a commencé la dernière année. Pourquoi il a choisi ce jour, je ne sais pas. :)

September 9, 2017

Quand a-t-elle été une moderatrice ? ( J'espère que c'est correct ! )

(Also with the punctuation, I wonder if I was right in adding a space before and after the parenthesis)

September 9, 2017

Depuis environ quatre années, si je me souviens correctement.

(Je pense qu'il devrait avoir "depuis"... "Depuis quand..." ou "Quand est-elle devenue...")

September 9, 2017

Je me demande si la date... fut (?!) 7 Septembre.

(Okay, my French is not good! Yet! I wonder if the exact date was September 7th. I'm not sure about "depuis" but été just looks wrong! There's something wrong about it! Thanks Trofaste!)

September 10, 2017

Pas pour autant que je sache, mais peut-être. (Not as far as I know, but maybe)

Avec "depuis" - "Since what time has she been..."
Avec "quand" et "devenue" - "When did she become..."
Et puis, si je ne me trompe pas, "Je me demande si la date était le 7 septembre." Je pense que l'imparfait est mieux que le passé simple, et aussi je crois que l'article avant la date est nécessaire.

September 10, 2017

I have a long way to go in French, it was just proven! :D Thank you! (You can be sure I won't learn those now, but I'll remember the sentence, "Je me demande..." and I may come back to inspect this again. Just saying this so you know that "Thank you" isn't empty!)

September 11, 2017

Don't trust me too much! I may be a fairly advanced learner but I'm still a learner who sometimes makes very, very stupid mistakes! So I recommend double checking with someone else before applying anything I say too widely. :)

September 12, 2017

Haha, noted!

September 13, 2017

Génial! Ten thousand lingoes!

September 8, 2017

So grateful for Sitesurf!

September 9, 2017

Une million de sentiments de reconnaissance, Sitesurf ! Vos explications inlassables et très claires nous aident sans mésure. Sans vous, nous serions complément perdus.

September 9, 2017

I am so glad I came across this in time to post. Sitesurf, tu es brilliante. Merci beaucoup pour ton aide.

September 9, 2017
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