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  5. Finished my 3rd Tree! Korean!


Finished my 3rd Tree! Korean!

I finished the tree on the first week of it being released to be alpha tested, but didn't want to post anything about it since I thought my XP could be a spoiler on how long the tree might be. But I'm done with my Korean tree, and now I'm going to work on finishing up my French tree!

September 7, 2017



Wow! I have been learning Swahili for almost a year and I haven't finished the tree! This is very impressive just make sure that you remember the vocab! :)


It's good that you gave it plenty of time to sink in.


Great job! Had you done any Korean before that?


I am actually native in Korean, but I think I polished up my word order on this tree, Korean can be quite fluid in word orders, but I refreshed myself on the "correct" word order.


I've been reading articles about English for Spanish speakers here on Duolingo, posted by HelpfulDuo, (I'm a native English speaker) and I feel like learning about your language from another language really does put it into perspective. I've realized how we overuse so many words in English, while there are a lot that really don't get used at all.


Already?! It just came out less than 5 hours ago! Congratulations! Good work and keep leraning! :D


great word that...leraning. Makes me think about the pronunciation.


Oh no XD, I type too fast I guess :p


nnniiiiiiiiiiiiccccceee!!! I getting close to finishing MY tree XD


I still can't sign up for Korean on my phone. Anyone know why?

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