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French video games to help in learning the language?


I recently threw myself into the French localisation of Pokemon Blue in an attempt to better immerse myself in the language I'm so keen on learning. Thankfully the dialogue in the game is simple to understand So I was able to enjoy one of my childhood favourites from an entirely new perspective.

Is there any other games out there with good French localisation that you guys would recommend? I was thinking of checking out Assassin's Creed Unity, given the appropriateness of the setting.

Any other games that may have helped you learn the language, or any that have a strong French voice cast?

September 7, 2017



there is this video game called: Life is Strange. You can change the audio to French if you want. Theres also Heavy Rain, I think it's in french. And Evoland which is a french video game and many others.

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I tried playing Life is Strange on Steam in French, but it would only allow me to play with French subtitles and English audio! Is there a version with French audio somewhere?


i never played these video games but maybe there fun but easy to understand?


Ah yes. I forgot Life is Strange was created by a French developer. I'll have to replay en française! I have heard a lot about Heavy Rain but have yet to play it. Merci beaucoup!


These all games on the P.C. : I play Skyrim, Diablo 3, The Sims 3 (only French interface, they still speak Simlish!), Dead Island (only French interface and subtitles are available, still only has English audio) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. All of these video-games have boosted my French language skills in many ways and on many levels.

I think Skyrim works the best for me because the people in the explorable area are so diverse and the voice cast is amazing. Above all, the way they translated from the English that I played it in first long ago; and the way they use the nuances of French expressions and grammar is invaluable in demonstrating the broad scope of French grammar, and even the vocabulary.


May I inquire as to how you played Pokemon in FRENCH (edit: not friend...), good sir? Merci!


I bought the French version on the Nintendo Store. Admittedly I played the game a lot as a child so I have memorised all the text anyway. It was difficult to acquaint to all the Pokemon having different names in French but it is very refreshing and interesting to see these games in a different way!

It's useful too since I'm learning the words for elemental types, forms of attack certain kinds of trainer types (schoolboy, martial arts expert, psychic, etc ).

I'm only 35% of the way through Duolingo French and I understood about 70% of the text in the game :D


Salut, Are you on Facebook? You can change to French there and it should not be too difficult.


I am not on Facebook but I have changed my phone language to French. I use it all the time so it's helping me pick up on associating certain words with actions (cancel, search, return, etc )

Thanks for the tip though, Jeanne! I may try it with Twitter.


The games I know have alrady been mentioned but I'd like to mention another pokemon game which is pokemon x and y since the region, cities, culture and stuff were all inspired by France. However, the english version of the game casually uses some french as well like how all of the cafes found are named in french and how some characters drop in french lines from time to time.


It is Kalos REgion! Anything is inspired by France!


Assassin's Creed Unity was fun when you put it in French (and English subtitles). I'll admit they were talking too fast many times for me to understand just by hearing, but it's cool since the setting is in France. Definitely try it out!

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