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(A message for the Korean team) Don't give up hope!

I have noticed a lot of bad reviews popping up around Reddit and the likes from people who have never really done Duolingo before or know how to use Duolingo. Often criticizing things out of your control or criticizing things that are true of all Duolingo courses. No one should expect this course to get you to fluency by itself and you shouldn't be trashed just because you can't make people near-native by the end.

I will begin my journey of learning taking your course on Duolingo as well and very much look forward to it. Know that many people are ecstatic to have your course here even if it isn't quite 110% perfect yet. And that your hard work is constantly appreciated as well as the opportunity to learn Korean for free and with the ease of use that only Duolingo can provide. 감사합니다!

September 7, 2017



I can't understand why people would comment on Reddit or other sites.

If there are remarks to be made, they should be made to the team. This is the fairest way of proceeding, and the only way that you can expect to have results.

Everything else is just empty ranting. I wouldn't engage in this form of communication.

I love the course, and I love the language. I always found the Korean script pretty -- and now I'm so glad that I learn to really read it.

However, I need a lot of time. But it's totally worth it. Thank you so much, Korean course team! :-)


I tried to respond to as many of the complaints as I could without getting repetitive. Simply because while I don't care if they as individuals hate the course (Its their loss) it always sucks to see people put off from taking the course because a negative nelly didn't like it for reasons that are rather unsound.


Yeah, I read the stuff over there on r/Korean. The main criticism post is actually pretty laughable, I doubt that person has ever actually completed a Duo tree, despite whatever they said about dabbling in French and Japanese.

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    We ARE using official romanization


    My mistake and apologies. I hadn't actually done the course yet and saw this as a common complaint on reddit. But it seems to have just been a sick rumor. Will edit.

    [deactivated user]

      We machine transliterated each syllable block

      These people have no idea what they're saying

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      I confirm the machine works very well. I personally know every single rule of 로마자 표기법 by heart, and I have never seen any syllable block incorrectly transcribed in the incubator.


      Well just finishing up the alphabet and it all looks good to me. My only complaint is it looks a little intimidating and unaesthetic to have 3 skills in a vertical straight line. and having Alphabet 2 and 3 be on the same line somehow (Because you can't go ahead unless you finish both of them anyway) might be a little more encouraging to new learners. but that is not a technical complaint. As I said above ignore the haters because I know you guys have worked hard on this and are doing well.


      For German I've been using this site to help me move learn words and such that Duolingo hasn't taught me yet, I'm sure the same thing could work for you in Korean :)



      I avoid Reddit. I am excited to be working on this and luckily I know someone that is fluent in Korean I can ask questions. I look forward to it being online (love the notes found under the lesson when online vs mobile app). This is such a great starting point and I have been waiting for this course for a long time. I sincerely appreciate the work and the opportunity to learn from this program. No program is perfect anywhere but to master any language you have to have a solid foundation/starting point. Thank you for your work thus far.


      Yeah, you do not have to care about rumors and what people say. Life resembles to a straight way, you do whatever you like and never pay attention to people. Thank you Korean team, you've created such a wonderful course and you're going to improve it!


      I continue to plow through the course for the second time, and owe DL a debt of gratitude for the gradual improvement in my Korean spelling and typing ability. I was deeply disappointed at first, when forming the correct answer was merely an exercise in rearranging blocks, but thankfully, that situation was quickly remedied.

      I had planned to wait until finishing again before writing what I hoped would be a helpful critique, but it is becoming increasingly frustrating, and my motivation often tanks, leading me off to Memrise or Spanish studies. The inconsistency, poorly thought out methods of presenting vital information--especially the difference between topic and subject particles, and seemingly arbitrary failure to accept answers that are clearly correct, has pushed me to prematurely venting.

      Most disturbing is the perceived lack of responsiveness on the part of the development "team." I haven't counted the number of reports I've made, but would guess they exceed 200, with over 100 acceptances of my suggestions. But in all those acknowledgments I have seen only 1 name, niskigwun from Duolingo.

      As I visit discussions on various exercises, I find plenty of company in my frustration. Many complain that there is little rhyme nor reason for the acceptance of plural or singular, a or the, 저 or 나, 이/가 or 은/는, and very basic synonyms have not been considered, such as "select" for "choose," "slender" for "slim," "hare" for "rabbit," tortoise for turtle, and many more. It's understandable that not all these possibilities were considered at first, but now weeks, and as long as 2 month in some cases have gone by with no acceptance.

      If our suggestions have been considered and rejected, there should be some kind of a central "clearing house" where explanations could be viewed, but my suspicion is that most have just not been attended to because of lack of contributors still involved.

      Before the course comes out of Beta, some thought might be given as to how to limit the number of possible correct translations. This is especially problematic with Korean because of all the ways (endings) to conjugate a verb. I have long advocated that DL figure out some way to show context. There are a number of ways this could be accomplished. Easiest might be a note at the beginning of each section illustrating the "politeness" situation. Ideally, an extra sentence or two could be added to each problem, but I realize that would represent a massive amount of work.

      It would be interesting to know if DL has data measuring the "dropout" rate. My guess is that the Korean course would show either a very high drop out rate, or a very low rate of progress for most learners, and I would expect "course frustration" to be a major factor.


      hare and rabbit are two different animals

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