September 7, 2017

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maybe I don't understand yet, but how does this translate to milk? I thought it would have been "i", but I guess I was wrong, Can someone explain?


They decided to teach us a word with only two characters, a common word that is useful enough to enough people. You can hover over or click on the word for a hint.


In English like wee


isn't it pronounced like "oo-you"? I heard someone say it that way, but I'm not sure


우유 is uyu. "Wee"/wi is 위 and is a diphthong, which is completely different from 우유.


Was I supposed to be learning words this whole time? I thought I was learning the differences between very simple syllables like do,rae,mi... when did I miss learning that milk was these two simple early syllables?


No, just towards the end here. Just click on the syllables to see if there is a word. Child and milk were given since they were simple two syllable words. Before we had only one syllable at a time.


Why is it pronounced u-yo? (the letters are u-yu_


It doesn’t sound like u-yo, but the sound is rather different at the end, kind of like u-yuh or u-yeo Check here for a better pronunciation: https://forvo.com/word/우유/


The hanja is 牛乳, which is pronounced gyuunyuu in Japanese. Personally it sounds similar enough to use as a clue :)


this appears as "milk" in the alphabet problems when it should appear as just the romanization "uyu"


No, this is correct these two characters form the word that means milk. When we learn the alphabet, we often learn simple words with it. Maybe you would have preferred an entire sentence “A is for apple, B is for boy...”. How much harder would that have been? Just mouse over or click on the word to see the hint.

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