"Čí jsou ta vajíčka?"

Translation:Whose eggs are those?

September 7, 2017

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As I did not find another place to report I'll do it here: the speech does not correspond to the word "Čí" when hovering the cursor over it. Example can be checked in sentence "Či jsou ta vajíčka ?".


"nelze nalézt text k předčítání" - "impossible to find a text to read". We will try to report it further.


I wrote "Whose eggs are these?" and it was marked wrong. Is this a mistake, or am I missing something?


If I remember correctly: ta = those; tahle = these.


"Whose are these eggs?" was given a "You have a typo" response with the correction "Whose are those eggs?".

I know how "these" and "those" work in the English language.

Please, someone explain how these words work in the Czech language.

Thank you.


these - tato, tahle, tahleta

those - ta, tamta, tamhleta

The "ta" case is the most contentious but the current state shown above is consistently used throughout the course.


To the Czech course developers, would it be "čí vajíčka jsou to?"

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