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  5. "Čí jsou ta vajíčka?"

"Čí jsou ta vajíčka?"

Translation:Whose eggs are those?

September 7, 2017



As I did not find another place to report I'll do it here: the speech does not correspond to the word "Čí" when hovering the cursor over it. Example can be checked in sentence "Či jsou ta vajíčka ?".


"nelze nalézt text k předčítání" - "impossible to find a text to read". We will try to report it further.


I wrote "Whose eggs are these?" and it was marked wrong. Is this a mistake, or am I missing something?


If I remember correctly: ta = those; tahle = these.


To the Czech course developers, would it be "čí vajíčka jsou to?"


"Whose are these eggs?" was given a "You have a typo" response with the correction "Whose are those eggs?".

I know how "these" and "those" work in the English language.

Please, someone explain how these words work in the Czech language.

Thank you.


these - tato, tahle, tahleta

those - ta, tamta, tamhleta

The "ta" case is the most contentious but the current state shown above is consistently used throughout the course.

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