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Can't click "check"

I was asked to translate "a stone" from English to Norwegian and after typing my answer it will not allow me to click check and therefore I cannot continue.

September 7, 2017



Yeah, the Check button is grayed out. This seems to be a recent bug. I've reported it.


I am having the same problem with Spanish, even though I type the correct answer. And I cannot move forward.


Same in Czech for me :C


Same problem with Danish from English. It is always the questions with a picture for me. Have tried skipping and starting the lesson over, but you always get one question with a picture which it wont let you answer so just can never complete the lesson.

I am using firefox on a pc if that helps.


I also couldn't click on check in a German lesson about two hours ago. I couldn't continue, I guess I'll have to do the whole lesson over (not good), that was my last question for the lesson.


This is happening to me all morning in German. What can I do? I’m so sad!


Try restarting your device, if that doesn't work it might take a day to resolve itself. (For me it worked the next day)

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