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Stuck on Neuter/1

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I don't know if this is an issue with the Czech course specifically, or a general problem with the website, but I'm unable to finish the first exercise in the "Neuter" lesson. Specifically, it won't register any input from me on either "a city" or "a car". Normally, as soon as I start typing something into the text field, the "check" button becomes highlighted, but no matter how much I type, it's staying grayed out. The enter key also doesn't submit the answer, but I can skip the question. I've never experienced this with Duolingo before, so I thought I'd see whether anyone else is having a similar problem.

September 7, 2017


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Update: It's also happening for me in Masculine/2 with "man" and "a machine


This happens across multiple languages, the troubleshooting forum today is full of these.

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Ah, I checked the general "Duolingo" forum first, but I forgot there was a separate "Troubleshooting" one.


I had similar issue in Lesson 7 within "Animals" section. However, even when I tried skipping it, the same picture would come again and again and I could not finish the lesson. I'm stuck there.


I have the same problem, report it! The more reports, maybe they'll fix it faster!

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This is a technical problem with Duolingo. The Duolingo staff already knows about this, and spamming course moderators with reports won't help.


I wasn't spamming, and I know it's fixed now.

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