Hi, can somebody tell me why, Duolingo will not take en kam (a comb). I write the translation and nothing happens..... I am forced to skip, and the next step is...... translate a comb..... It can go on forever....... I am going nuts. please help me, because if i cannot practice it's going to be seriously annoying..... THanks

September 7, 2017


There is a type of question where you have to select the definte/indefinite article from a drop down list and then type the translation of the word. If you type the article AND the word it marks it as incorrect. It sounds like you could be working on one of these questions. It would help if you posted a screenshot.

Thanks for your answer, but it was not this type of question. It's the kind : Translate : a comb and you have to write the correct translation in norwegian... Except that yesterday i wrote : en kam (the right answer) but i could not have access to the check button, nor press enter... The only choice i had was skip. But i was at the end of the series, so it kept asking me the same question with the same "bug". I logged out and turned the computer off. I tried again this morning and everything was back to normal.... Thanks...

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