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  5. "Čí je to hrad?"

"Čí je to hrad?"

Translation:Whose castle is that?

September 7, 2017



"Whose is that castle?" is not accepted - should it be?


"Whose is that castle?" would be "Čí je TEN hrad".


I agree that it should be accepted.

"Whose castle is that?" "Whose is that castle?"

These questions are functionally identical and would be used interchangeably by a native English speaker such as myself.


The native English speakers on the team advised that "Whose is that castle." is not good standard English and it is better if it is not accepted. I cannot comment on it myself.

Please also note than in other sentences we do distinguish and we will distinguish:

This is an old castle.
This castle is old.

as two different sentences, not mutually acceptable.

[deactivated user]

    It's a minor difference because of the word order, but the difference between "Whose castle is that?" and "Whose is that castle?" would stress the importance of "Whose" in the first case, and "that castle" in the second. Of course, if you were to utilize stress/intonation on any particular word in either case you could reverse the meaning easily, but without that element this is a good way to translate it.


    When you play the audio from "cí" (don't have that letter c) it says a whole sentence, what does it mean?


    What czech words are for "fortress" and "stronghold"?


    pevnost, opevnění, perhaps other ones, depends on the exact type and time of origin.

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