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  5. "주말에 뭐 해?"

"주말에 해?"

Translation:What do you do on the weekend?

September 7, 2017



Or "at the weekend" for British English speakers.


without context, this is generally used to ask a person what he or she is doing (this) weekend. if it's a general question as it seems like that's what's meant by the awkward english sentence, then I would say Koreans use a word to indicate it's a general question.

"the english sentence does not sound like typical or natural American English. we say "...on (the) weekends" or "...during the weekend".


I've heard people use this to ask what they will do this weekend, is that okay to use even if the 하다 is not in future tense?


Possibly the question is asking the habits? Hence it is using present simple tense


Korean present tense can be used when talking about the near future. It is the equivalent of the English "be going to + verb"

주말에 뭐 해? = What are you going to do at the weekend? (= What are you doing at the weekend?)

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